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We are truly excited to launch our brand new online store, giving you the possibility to order some selected ready-to-wear shoes directly from us. Let’s take a tour and explore our selection. VISIT THE ONLINE STORE

The Vass story

László Vass, the founder leader of Vass Shoes began his enterprise in 1978. Emerging from a generation of shoemakers adventurous enough to return to the roots of their craft, László Vass has revived a rich old tradition which has added impetus to the art of shoemaking in a new age. The primary aspiration of Vass Shoes is to make ready-to-wear or bespoke handcrafted shoes in a variety of styles that are both comfortable and elegant, but also sturdy and long-lasting. Traditional tools are used in our workshop and hundreds of meticulous operations are performed with meticulous care, and paying special attention to detail.

Due to our uncompromising approach, our customers arrive from all over the world in order to buy from our wide range of top quality, hand-made shoes.

How to order mto shoes

On this page you can view the parameters that can help us to get a clearer picture of your requirements
when ordering your ultimate fit, high quality, hand-made Vass shoes.


Bespoke shoes

We also manufacture bespoke shoes in our workshop upon request. During the last century, a hand-made shoe that perfectly fitted its wearer and that came up to the highest standards of quality, lasted for decades when looked after properly by the use of shoe trees, and when repaired regularly. In those days good shoes were an essential part of the dress code of decent people. Today, however, the emphasis is placed more upon exclusivity and luxury. This traditional shoe, carefully made after the measuring process may be worn for many years, unlike low-cost production line footwear, whose design, to the greatest extent, is dictated by prevailing fashions.

Bespoke shoes are ready to wear within six weeks from the time of the measurement process. Customers are then invited to the shop to try them on.